And music for all.


Et Musique Pour Tous (EMPT) is a blog I’ve been following since discovering it late last year in my recent travels to the states. A friend in New York recommended me and its something I have made an effort to read on the regular ever since. They label themselves as a boutique creative group which specialises in music culture as well as branding for hospitality and retail brands. They also state in their about me section that their number one priority isn’t about gaining traffic to the blog  – rather focussing more on ‘uncompromising quality’ when it comes to there posts.

This is evident when you read the content as unlike other music blogs who just spin out the same news and music that every one else is writing about, they hand pick there pieces carefully to make sure they mesh with the aesthetic of the site they have created as well as fit in to their target audience. I like EMPT’s simplicity which a lot of music blogs lack these days. I feel like many music days are all about click baiting and directing traffic with posts that appeal to the masses. I can just look on to my Facebook feed and i’ll guarantee you there are posts from several different music blogs about the same thing. i think EMPT is great however as it sticks to what its here to do, showcase great music from the underground. It also provides a platform for artists that aren’t necessarily going to get picked up by the bigger music blogs which I think is a great niche to be involved in as it certainly differentiates them from other music blogs.

I think the unique thing about the publishers of this blog is that they want the feedback from the readers to know what they want and even go for the connection where they ask readers to submit their tracks for a chance for them to be featured on their platform. This connection with their audience is a great way to show your audience you are listening to what they want in order to make a well rounded reading pleasure.

Take a look for yourself and see how this little treat compares to other music blogs out there:

Et Musique Pour Tous



And music for all.

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