Sometimes i blog and think and sometimes i just blog.

What is a blog?

I’ve kept a few blogs in my lifetime. There was one which consisted of all my thoughts throughout high school and I would spend every spare time I had updating it, making sure the aesthetic was right, posting photos i thought were ‘cool’ and just writing down my feelings about life. I’m pretty sure no one ever read it but me, but that still didn’t stop me from putting as much effort into keeping that blog as up to date with my voice as i possibly could. Not once did  I ever think about the processes though of what a blog is and how it works and well how important it is in todays online interlinked network.

Can we sum up what a blog is in a simple equation perhaps?

layout + writing + connections + links + voice + tempo = blog read?

I suppose it has something to do with the structure of the blog as well, I mean this is what separates a blog from other online media platforms right?

Lets see, just from looking at this post I’m writing now I can see a blog has a heading. Once I post this there will be a date and time stamp that appears underneath it and being this is the most recent thing I have posted it will be the first post people see when they come to my site. They are generally written in first person in order to give the blog a voice that readers can connect with compared to say a news article which is just there to straight up give you facts – a blog has the ability to make you laugh and genuinely captivate the readers attention so much they want to stay connected and see what they have to post in the future.

If we have a quick think about the history of blogging it is known that blogs started up around the same time the world wide web was established in 1990. It was around 1994 when pioneers had started online diaries. They would hand code their sites using HTML which is vastly different to how easy it is to start a blog today. The term ‘blog’ didn’t always have the same meaning that we throw around today either. In the early 1990s the term ‘weblog’ was actually used to show the logistics of how much data had been transferred on a site as well as monitoring a sites web traffic. It wasn’t until 1997 when a guy called  Jorn Barger decided to throw weblog into the title of his site where we got the meaning of the word we know today. Further on in 1999 Peter Merholz decided he would go a step up and shorten it simply to ‘Blog’.

And from there the crazy world of blogging took off.

From the early 2000s push button publishing blogging sites such as had been established making it easier for anyone to log on and create a blog about anything they wanted. This online trend saw ‘blog’ become the word of the year in 2004. But with now what was to be a saturated market how were writers going to keep there blogs relevant and readable?

Surely it comes back to that simple equation?

layout + writing + connections + links + voice + tempo = blog read?

These days blogs have the ability to make a contribution to a larger community. Due to the personal touch they have through ones voice and opinion it allows online interaction that encourages discussions about all lines of subjects that we don’t necessarily achieve in other online media forms. Blogs can model questions about online identity as well as allowing a recollection of ideas, refections and activities. It may be hard to define what a blog is as its such a diverse medium with so many uses, however I do believe its such an important aspect in todays online network.


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Sometimes i blog and think and sometimes i just blog.

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