How does copyright affect me?

As soon as you create an individual work you automatically receive copyright protection. It doesn’t matter if its sound recordings, or a literacy piece as long as its a personal expression of an idea you are protected. This means you cant publish content created by another unless you have permission from the creator, the work is public domain or the work is under creative commons.

A creative commons licence can be obtained by anyone who wishes to allow others to legally share, reuse or remix their work.

Since I am going to be actively engaging in this online blogging environment it means I am going to need to be aware what content I can legally share in posts like these, and if I am going to be sharing say an image how can I correctly attribute the artist so i’m not displaying the image illegally.

Below is an example of how to attribute the artist of the image when posting others photos on your blog.
Willow Beats, Savvy Creative/Savannah van der Niet




How does copyright affect me?

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