7 DAY ANALYSIS OF ONLINE MEDIA: or should I say the seven day guide to realising I use online media too much. DAY 1

DAY 1. 

These are a list of all the online media platforms I have engaged in within the last 24 hours:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Squarespace
  5. Other Instagram account
  6. Apple music
  7. Netflix
  8. Stan
  9. Online banking
  10. Flixreel (only way to see that new real housewives episode!)
  11. Youtube
  12. Blackboard
  13. Gmail
  14. iMessage
  15. Facetime
  16. Facebook messenger
  17. Facebook live
  18. Instagram live
  19. Snapchat
  20. Hotmail

And these were only the things I could think of off the top of my head, I’m sure there are plenty more that I interact with and don’t even realise.

20 platforms in 24 hours. Thats normal right?

Its kind of scary when we get asked to think about our online media use. I have just grown to think its just part of my everyday routine. My alarm goes off in the morning followed by a solid 20-30 minutes of scrolling through my socials. Instagram is usually first. 2 new followers. Sure i’ll give them a follow back. High school friend posted a picture of their boyfriend, other person I know through a friend posted some artsy film shot. Give them both a like, keep scrolling. Scroll some more. Have a browse of the new followers profiles. Give them a like on their most recent post. Scroll through my profile and wonder if I should have posted that most recent photo. Only 50 likes, not as many as my last one. Maybe I should have edited it in a different filter? Ponder whether or not to delete it. Decide to keep it as it was only posted 13 hours ago. Exit Instagram.

I go through a similar process with my other socials, spending more or less on one or another depending on the notifications I have woken up too. When that 30 minutes is up I separate myself from my phone for long enough just to shower, have a coffee and brush my teeth. I can’t even say though I went through all of those activities without checking my phone and my socials again (wow I’m starting to realise I’m REALLY addicted to social media).

I took a few steps out of the house this morning and floating in the distance was 5 hot air balloons. Immediately in my head I thought “hey what a great instagram post that would make!” I took out my iPhone and took a few happy snaps and then of course posted a picture on my snapchat story so everyone could see how early I was up. Once on the tram I spent the next few minutes editing my photo before checking in to my location then posting it.


This is a photo from my instagram feed. 

The rest of my day is spent constantly checking who liked my photo (why do I care about this stuff so much?!?). People at school actually commented on how nice of a photo it was so for me my social media use was kind of justified. After a long day of further scrolling through Facebook and Instagram activities I ended up back in bed finishing the day as  I started browsing through my phone on my socials before falling asleep. If documenting my online media use teaches me anything its that I think Im going to have to go on a social media cleanse real soon!

7 DAY ANALYSIS OF ONLINE MEDIA: or should I say the seven day guide to realising I use online media too much. DAY 1

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