Like Saturdays my Sundays are dominated by my work schedule. Once again its an 8am – 5pm shift with sprawls of social media fixes here and there. Upon returning home however I didn’t slump into my usual binge watching session I instead focussed my time on the up keep of my website.

My website is slowly working towards a launch date so at the moment I have been focussing on content creation and generating hype through social media. I am using Squarespace as my website domain as I like how its easy it is to change your layout and make it reflective of your ideas. At the moment my website is very much in the ‘underconstruction’ phase so most of the posts have been saved as drafts as I slowly build up enough content to properly launch.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 1.28.29 PM

The photo I am using is a screenshot from my own website. 

In relation to the socials that are connected to the website, at the moment my aim is to generate some interest around it and try and gain some followers. This means posting pictures of my brand name as well as hashtags that can help to generate traffic towards my page when it is finally ready to launch. Its amazing how long you can spend editing a website, similar to the up keep of this blogs there are so many things in a post you can alter and add to make a post more appealing. I have spent a lot of time writing and re writing posts about certain things to make sure they have the right voice to coincide with the theme of my website as well as editing photos that are to be embedded in posts to keep to my minimalistic theme.


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