Today I met up with a friend from university to shoot for a website we are launching for our record label. Upon finishing the shots I extracted the photos to find they were in a raw format which I was then unable to view. I ended up having to use a website raw to be able to convert it from a raw file to jpeg.

I then spent the next hour editing photos ready to put on our social media pages. I downloaded an app called ‘Giant Square’ which allowed me to cut my photos into squares so they appeared in perfect threes on our instagram. We put the extra effort into this as we believe the aesthetics of our socials will reflect largely on our brand and potentially influence the target audience we attract.

I then spent time playing around on the instagram for our label making sure everything was fitting well. I then went and started to follow pages that were similar to us to try and gain some followers for the site.  A common trick businesses use is going through and liking lots of pictures on someones account and there is usually a chance they will follow you back.

After interacting with instagram I logged into my netflix account and to my joy there was another episode of Designated Survivor out. This series is different to the usual Netflix binge watch format. They only release an episode weekly which is SO FRUSTRATING because isnt that the whole point of netflix that you dont have to wait for anything? in saying that it does keep me interested and i’m still tuning in for my next dose.


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