Day 7

Today I started off my day with the usual social media check. I logged into my gmail and checked my emails for both social and school. I then had a facetime conversation with my family which was great. I am an avid facetime user. I know many people hate it because you have to view your own face on the screen as well but for me especially because my family lives across the country I feel like its a way to personalise a phone call even more.

I’m the same with skype. I have a really good friend who lives in america so that night we organised to skype. I had a red wine in my hand and she had a cup of tea as it was early morning. When I skype its usually for the generally purpose of catching up with someone I havent spoken to in a while so our skype sessions can vary from 1 – 3hrs. I don’t even know what we talk about but something I realised we do whilst engaging in skype is bring in other forms of online media use. My friend commonly will link me to dresses she is looking at on online shopping sites which we will then have a conversation about or I’ll link her interesting gallery pages I follow on facebook that are in new york and i’ll send her an invite to such things in which she attends and tells me how good they were. As I said earlier I am a firm believer that apps such as skype and facetime allow that extra bit of personalisation into communications with others via online media.

After finishing up skyping my friend I then turned to Netflix and ended my night as I usually do. Binge watching a tv show until I fall asleep.


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