Over the last week of documenting my online media use it really made me aware of how much my life revolves around the online world. I felt a lot of my use was really repetitive – in a way its part of my daily routine and has become so normalised I dont even realise I use it so much. I think in my first blog post you can tell I was excited to document as my post is a lot more indepth about my online media use on a daily basis and you can hear that in my blog voice. But the next day after realising my use was pretty much the same I think I was too focussed on what my blog post was going to sound like so rather than continue to talk about everything I did on a daily basis i chose to focus on a different platform of media each day to try keep my posts interesting.

My first blog post I tried to outline all the different media platforms I engage with on a daily basis and even though that was easy when it came to writing about them in more depth I struggled as they are almost done in such a way that I dont think about it when Im using it –  so when we were asked to pin point and discuss why it actually made me question myself and why I spend so much time engaged with online media.

I think this is why I found it easier to focus on one platform in my daily posts rather than talk about all. For example my first day i focussed on mostly instagram and went into more depth about my processes and tried to look into why I use that app and why.


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