Living with aand without online media: a comparison

I know I only went 48 hours without online media but it was honestly so hard. It reinstated the fact about how much I almost habitually use online media without even thinking about it. I felt like there were literally times where I had to hide my phone and laptop to stop myself from just going online without even thinking. Its almost like an addiction.

Something i did realise was how much I use social media to occupy my boredom. Without the draws of facebook and instagram to keep me scrolling I found time to go so much slower and it was almost like I had more time in my day. I notice this especially when it came to studying. It made me realise how often I will literally spend 1-2 hours scrolling through my social media feeds before I even begin to start studying. Without the temptations of social media I didnt have any excuses to not do things so I was definitely more pro active in that sense.

Without my phone and my apps there was definitely a  convinience issue. I thought I had to prepare myself before starting this investigation (pre downloading readings for uni etc) but there were so many things I didnt even think about that I would need. For example online banking is something we can do so easily with the click of a button, and because it was a weekend as well its not though I could go into a bank and physically do it. Other things included my PTV app, rather then knowing exactly when public transport was arriving I just had to guess (which was annoying when I had to wait for a tram for 15 minutes instead of my usual 2).

Overall it was an interesting challenge to put myself too, and in with saying challenge it really shouldnt have been one. But in all honestly it is almost impossible to completely live without the use of online media in this day and age. I think by doing this it has made me more aware of how caught up in the online world I am, in particularly the social media part. For the 48 hours I was offline I felt like I was completely off the grid. I experienced a lot of major FOMO and I spent my whole weekend at home without the draws of seeing my friends on social media and wanting to be apart of the action.


Living with aand without online media: a comparison

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