talk about constraints

  • 1000 words was such a small word count to get so much information into, struggled to work within word count and has has a baring on my writing
  • its a reflection on your reflection
  • bring attention to the things the reader can see
  • talk about your discovery from your investigation
  • potential positives and potential negative

bring it back to the context of your course.

From completing this assignment it has made me realise how much time I spend online that isn’t necessarily useful. – how can i work on turning this non useful time into useful time?

Talk about how you need more words to go in depth about the study: The world unplugged.



Upon completing the posts about my online media use it began to make me feel aware of how much my life revolves around online media. There almost wasn’t a second when I wasnt engaging in some type of online media. I was always on my phone: texting, calling, emailing, browsing. I guess ive never really been asked to think about my online use so it was almost quite confronting in a way.

What did I learn from authoring my posts?

When asked to look into my authoring of social media I realised I have a specific process I go through whenever it comes to sharing something online. Instagram for instance when I was posting on behalf of my ‘business page’ it was always about time (when you would get the most traffic so people see it), the way I edited and shared things to keep it as professional and aesthetically pleasing compared to say my personal use where I was posting photos that I liked and I didnt really care what people thought of them. Also the way I just scroll through my instagram feed. It really made me think about why I like the posts I do and why I follow the people I do. Is there an underlying reason why? Do I like things even though I dont really like the picture but just because they are my friends? In this day and age is that how we keep friendships through validations on social media?

what i disliked about the process?

The thing I dislike about the process was that i felt it got a little competitive because I was doing the same thing every day. Maybe I struggled as well as the way I blog I like to have a voice and I felt like it was a very monogamous topic to write about and I struggled to make it sound interesting in a blog post.

was it what you expected?

By becoming more aware of my online media use it made me uncomfortable and I need to start stepping away from the screen and i’ll probably start being more productive and have time for other things. I would almost like to do a counter investigation where I have to document the things i do on a daily basis without online media use and just see how my week would go.

What Issues did you encounter?

I found it harder to write about then I originally thought it would be mainly because Ive never really thought about the process of my online media engagement. I actually finished the week telling myself I should go on a social media cleanse because when I had to document my usage it almost made me uncomfortable how much its apart of my life.

From thinking about it like this I decided for the next 48 hours I would completely cut myself off of online media to compare the differences of my everyday life. I think I am going to struggle with this because after evaluating my use its so evident how much online media consumes my every day life. I think by completing this mini experiment however it would help give me something to compare my experiences too when i write my essay and also form an argument about how much online media is used in our every day lives today.






Over the last week of documenting my online media use it really made me aware of how much my life revolves around the online world. I felt a lot of my use was really repetitive – in a way its part of my daily routine and has become so normalised I dont even realise I use it so much. I think in my first blog post you can tell I was excited to document as my post is a lot more indepth about my online media use on a daily basis and you can hear that in my blog voice. But the next day after realising my use was pretty much the same I think I was too focussed on what my blog post was going to sound like so rather than continue to talk about everything I did on a daily basis i chose to focus on a different platform of media each day to try keep my posts interesting.

My first blog post I tried to outline all the different media platforms I engage with on a daily basis and even though that was easy when it came to writing about them in more depth I struggled as they are almost done in such a way that I dont think about it when Im using it –  so when we were asked to pin point and discuss why it actually made me question myself and why I spend so much time engaged with online media.

I think this is why I found it easier to focus on one platform in my daily posts rather than talk about all. For example my first day i focussed on mostly instagram and went into more depth about my processes and tried to look into why I use that app and why.