Day 7

Today I started off my day with the usual social media check. I logged into my gmail and checked my emails for both social and school. I then had a facetime conversation with my family which was great. I am an avid facetime user. I know many people hate it because you have to view your own face on the screen as well but for me especially because my family lives across the country I feel like its a way to personalise a phone call even more.

I’m the same with skype. I have a really good friend who lives in america so that night we organised to skype. I had a red wine in my hand and she had a cup of tea as it was early morning. When I skype its usually for the generally purpose of catching up with someone I havent spoken to in a while so our skype sessions can vary from 1 – 3hrs. I don’t even know what we talk about but something I realised we do whilst engaging in skype is bring in other forms of online media use. My friend commonly will link me to dresses she is looking at on online shopping sites which we will then have a conversation about or I’ll link her interesting gallery pages I follow on facebook that are in new york and i’ll send her an invite to such things in which she attends and tells me how good they were. As I said earlier I am a firm believer that apps such as skype and facetime allow that extra bit of personalisation into communications with others via online media.

After finishing up skyping my friend I then turned to Netflix and ended my night as I usually do. Binge watching a tv show until I fall asleep.



day 6

Being a music student I like to stay up to date with different music platforms. I am regullarly browsing through soundcloud and coming across fun artists as well as keeping up to date with tracks that artists I already follow post. Although soundcloud has changed a bit to get on board with other competing streaming sites (boo adds and having to pay now) I think its still ahead of other sites as it allows artists to post bootlegs of songs they wouldnt necessarily release formally.

I like that with a click of a button you can ‘like’ a song which then adds that song to your liked section and saves it for you so you can access it easy.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 1.01.11 PM


It also has an option to repost which I do if I like a song a lot.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 1.02.51 PM

My friend just released a new song so I even went one step further today and shared it on my facebook feed!

Something I do like about streaming sites such as spotify is that they allow you to make song radios. By choosing a song you already like they then curate a playlist similar to that song. To me its also a great way of being introduced to new artists that are similar to ones you already engage with.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 12.56.25 PM.png



day 5

I have just recently come home from a 3 month trip to America and i just got my film developed. I spent the morning sorting through the photos. I like to use VSCO editor which I have on my phone. I definitely should just look for an online editing program because the process from laptop – phone – laptop can be a bit tedious but i’m used to the way the editor works so I don’t mind the process.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 1.48.57 PM

The photo I have included in this post is from my own social media site and is my own photos.

Once I was happy with the edits I shared my photos and spent the next few hours catching up on uni work. I mostly engaged in blackboard where I watched the online lecture from my Popular Culture class. (isn’t it great how they just record everything for you these days? I mean even submissions are all done online soon you wont even have to be face to face with a teacher to get a degree!)

This evening I was actually catching up with my friend from America. It was great but I couldnt help but think about how much we needed social media to interact with each other. It was constantly snapchatting what we were doing so other people could see or checking in to where we were eating and then posting pictures to instagram – to show other people. We couldnt just enjoy each others company without the help of social media. I think after this week of documenting my online media use I’m going to have to start leaving my phone at home.




Today I met up with a friend from university to shoot for a website we are launching for our record label. Upon finishing the shots I extracted the photos to find they were in a raw format which I was then unable to view. I ended up having to use a website raw to be able to convert it from a raw file to jpeg.

I then spent the next hour editing photos ready to put on our social media pages. I downloaded an app called ‘Giant Square’ which allowed me to cut my photos into squares so they appeared in perfect threes on our instagram. We put the extra effort into this as we believe the aesthetics of our socials will reflect largely on our brand and potentially influence the target audience we attract.

I then spent time playing around on the instagram for our label making sure everything was fitting well. I then went and started to follow pages that were similar to us to try and gain some followers for the site.  A common trick businesses use is going through and liking lots of pictures on someones account and there is usually a chance they will follow you back.

After interacting with instagram I logged into my netflix account and to my joy there was another episode of Designated Survivor out. This series is different to the usual Netflix binge watch format. They only release an episode weekly which is SO FRUSTRATING because isnt that the whole point of netflix that you dont have to wait for anything? in saying that it does keep me interested and i’m still tuning in for my next dose.




Like Saturdays my Sundays are dominated by my work schedule. Once again its an 8am – 5pm shift with sprawls of social media fixes here and there. Upon returning home however I didn’t slump into my usual binge watching session I instead focussed my time on the up keep of my website.

My website is slowly working towards a launch date so at the moment I have been focussing on content creation and generating hype through social media. I am using Squarespace as my website domain as I like how its easy it is to change your layout and make it reflective of your ideas. At the moment my website is very much in the ‘underconstruction’ phase so most of the posts have been saved as drafts as I slowly build up enough content to properly launch.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 1.28.29 PM

The photo I am using is a screenshot from my own website. 

In relation to the socials that are connected to the website, at the moment my aim is to generate some interest around it and try and gain some followers. This means posting pictures of my brand name as well as hashtags that can help to generate traffic towards my page when it is finally ready to launch. Its amazing how long you can spend editing a website, similar to the up keep of this blogs there are so many things in a post you can alter and add to make a post more appealing. I have spent a lot of time writing and re writing posts about certain things to make sure they have the right voice to coincide with the theme of my website as well as editing photos that are to be embedded in posts to keep to my minimalistic theme.


DAY 2:

day 2

Saturday morning is a little more media out of the loop then weekdays as I work most of the day so i’m physically separated from my phone while i wait tables. The morning social media wake up ritual is usually cut short to 10 minutes and i’m away at work from 8am – 5pm.

Come 5pm I break through my bedroom door exhausted. I V line directly to my laptop and bring up a streaming service. Right now I am opting more towards stan rather than Netflix as my binge TV show of the month is RuPaul’s Drag Race. Its one of those shows I can watch for hours as it doesn’t require too much concentration and I can usually be doing other things such as using my phone as I watch it.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 11.46.14 AM

This photo is a screenshot from my own stan account.

Like Netflix, I have discovered Stan has the ability to continuously keep playing episode after episode. I also like that it personalises its site depending on what other shows you have watched previously. The home page of Stan gives you options of shows that are similar to ones you are already watching as well as what is new to the site.

I still cant believe how much time I spend watching trash reality shows like these. I think its the set up of these streaming services that almost trap you into watching more and before you know it you were supposed to be meeting your friend for dinner and you’re stuck coming up with a better excuse that isn’t ‘sorry I was watching the season finale of Rupaul’s Drag race season 6″.

DAY 2:

7 DAY ANALYSIS OF ONLINE MEDIA: or should I say the seven day guide to realising I use online media too much. DAY 1

DAY 1. 

These are a list of all the online media platforms I have engaged in within the last 24 hours:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Squarespace
  5. Other Instagram account
  6. Apple music
  7. Netflix
  8. Stan
  9. Online banking
  10. Flixreel (only way to see that new real housewives episode!)
  11. Youtube
  12. Blackboard
  13. Gmail
  14. iMessage
  15. Facetime
  16. Facebook messenger
  17. Facebook live
  18. Instagram live
  19. Snapchat
  20. Hotmail

And these were only the things I could think of off the top of my head, I’m sure there are plenty more that I interact with and don’t even realise.

20 platforms in 24 hours. Thats normal right?

Its kind of scary when we get asked to think about our online media use. I have just grown to think its just part of my everyday routine. My alarm goes off in the morning followed by a solid 20-30 minutes of scrolling through my socials. Instagram is usually first. 2 new followers. Sure i’ll give them a follow back. High school friend posted a picture of their boyfriend, other person I know through a friend posted some artsy film shot. Give them both a like, keep scrolling. Scroll some more. Have a browse of the new followers profiles. Give them a like on their most recent post. Scroll through my profile and wonder if I should have posted that most recent photo. Only 50 likes, not as many as my last one. Maybe I should have edited it in a different filter? Ponder whether or not to delete it. Decide to keep it as it was only posted 13 hours ago. Exit Instagram.

I go through a similar process with my other socials, spending more or less on one or another depending on the notifications I have woken up too. When that 30 minutes is up I separate myself from my phone for long enough just to shower, have a coffee and brush my teeth. I can’t even say though I went through all of those activities without checking my phone and my socials again (wow I’m starting to realise I’m REALLY addicted to social media).

I took a few steps out of the house this morning and floating in the distance was 5 hot air balloons. Immediately in my head I thought “hey what a great instagram post that would make!” I took out my iPhone and took a few happy snaps and then of course posted a picture on my snapchat story so everyone could see how early I was up. Once on the tram I spent the next few minutes editing my photo before checking in to my location then posting it.


This is a photo from my instagram feed. 

The rest of my day is spent constantly checking who liked my photo (why do I care about this stuff so much?!?). People at school actually commented on how nice of a photo it was so for me my social media use was kind of justified. After a long day of further scrolling through Facebook and Instagram activities I ended up back in bed finishing the day as  I started browsing through my phone on my socials before falling asleep. If documenting my online media use teaches me anything its that I think Im going to have to go on a social media cleanse real soon!

7 DAY ANALYSIS OF ONLINE MEDIA: or should I say the seven day guide to realising I use online media too much. DAY 1